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Welcome to Kilomail

Kilomail is a service that provides email addresses and cloud storage accounts to sole traders and small businesses. You can bring your own domain name to our servers or use our @kilomail.co.uk address.

Why choose Kilomail?

  • Kilomail is a UK based email service that offers reasonable prices for our services, See our price list for a list.
  • Look professional – using a free email provider you may have to compromise on the email address for example if your John the Plumber and you use a free email service you may have to have johnplumber0123@mailfree.com with us you can have Johntheplumber@kilomail.co.uk (or your own domain)
  • All our email services come with 2GB email storage allowance, 2GB cloud storage and UK based support as standard.

Service Status

Go to https://status.kilomail.co.uk/ to see if any of our systems are down.


Our support site address and email address has changed, see below for the details:

Our support page has been changed to
kilomailsupport.co.uk please visit that site to log any tickets alternatively email our new support address: help@kilomailsupport.co.uk

Our old address support.kilomail.co.uk and support@kilomail.co.uk has been discontinued on 25th May 2019. Any emails sent to this address will not be forwarded anymore. Please use the new addresses.